Aldbury Primary School

Being a part of the Aldbury May Fair again this year is very exciting. This year’s event is eagerly anticipated by all at the school because it is a truly unique tradition and experience. This year, the May parade will kick off the celebration. Class 4 students will be dressed as Morris Men and Flower Girls, and other students from the school joining in too. The children’s May Pole dances and the coronation of Aldbury’s May Queen and King are also events we eagerly anticipate.

Over the past year, FOAS has shown incredible generosity, and the funds raised have been priceless. They made it possible for us to mend the roof, they have continued to support the reading scheme, they have supported trips, swimming coaches and bought much enjoyed toys, games and treats for the children.

We appreciate you taking the time to support the May Fair; the school and our children get a great deal from their fundraising efforts; it truly does make a big difference.

I want to express my gratitude to FOAS for this amazing opportunity and to everyone who takes part!

Miss Moore, Head teacher